Kentico, Foundation


Technical Lead & Developer @ Pyxl

About the Project

Pyxl was tasked with bring ECU up-to-date with their web experience, rebuilding their website in Kentico 10 which was previously built in Drupal. In addition to giving their online property a complete makeover with responsive designs, moving to Kentico provided a more robust experience for the content managers and it allowed us to utilize Smart Content, serving custom content to users based on their browsing behaviors.

The Nitty Gritty

Working with a more experienced Kentico developer I was able to learn from him through the project as a developer while also leading the technical planning and training with the client. I mostly built or improved on features on the backend (.NET) side, but also provided some updates to the theme built in the Foundation framework. Building out the custom CMS widgets and the smart content system with persona-based content was a great learning experience.