Magento 2, WordPress, Bootstrap


Architect & Lead Developer @ Pyxl

About the Project

    I had the opportunity to build a new site for Patricia Nash Designs twice while at Pyxl. In 2015 we acquired them as a client and rebuilt their store in Magento 1 integrated with WordPress. Then in 2017 we had the opportunity to migrate them to Magento 2, building a new theme with all new features in the process.

The Nitty Gritty

    I was the sole developer on the Magento 1 build, building the theme as well as all feature modules. Some features included Lookbooks, Collections with a Pinterest style experience, Ajax product quick views, a custom integration with HubSpot’s API, and more.
    For the Magento 2 migration/rebuild I was the project architect and lead developer working with a team of developers. I primarily built custom feature modules and implemented the data migration while also coaching the other developers on how to build Magento 2 themes and modules. Some of the features I built included the new Lookbooks feature with image hotspot tagging, a mega menu builder, an improved quick view feature, the notification bar feature, a custom Gift Card CSV importer for Amasty’s Gift Card extension, and many more. Throughout the process I was able to provide a number of bug fixes and improvements to various 3rd party extensions we used through either support tickets or GitHub PR’s.
    In both projects we integrated with WordPress to provide a more feature-rich CMS experience. Using and extending FishPig’s integration module I completed the WP<>Magento integrations.