Magento, Foundation


Architect & Lead Developer @ Pyxl

About the Project

Pyxl has provided a couple site rebuilds and ongoing maintenance and feature implementation for the Regal Crown Club over the past few years. In 2015 we built a new eCommerce site in Magento Enterprise, and did a partial rebuild in 2017 including a new theme and a number of new features.

The Nitty Gritty

I was a theme developer for the 2015 project and provided some ongoing development support that year. In 2016 I took over as the technical lead for all Regal Entertainment work. I was the project architect and lead developer in the 2017 rebuild, leading a team of 3 developers.
The primary challenge was to provide a seamless user experience from Regal’s primary domain RegMovies to the RCC Store. Behind the scenes we are integrated with Regal’s proprietary API for user and credits management. A number of custom 3rd party integrations were built as well for features such as fulfillment and content creation. Some of the features built include the Movie entity complete with product and category relations and content creation via API integrations, a number of custom product types with different user experiences, a digital, single page checkout process for certain products, and split payment methods for Credits vs Dollars.