Swift, Objective-C, C++


Architect & Lead Developer @ Pyxl

About the Project

Due to a non-disclosure agreement I cannot provide many details about this app, but I wanted to showcase it as it was a fun project and a great learning experience. The client wanted a mobile app that incorporated propriety C++ libraries to perform a number of complex, low-level processes. It was based on an existing desktop application for certain features, but provided a more community-centric experience. We provided the app user flow and designs as well as two iterations of development.

The Nitty Gritty

I was the primary developer at Pyxl, working with the client’s in-house engineers to make sure the app was talking with their libraries properly. The app was built in Swift and included Objective-C wrappers to bridge the gap between their C++ code and Swift. Without going into more detail than permitted, some of the functionalities I worked with included BLE communication, data translation (bit-shifting), 3D model manipulation, AWS S3 data transfer, screen recording, and low-level resource usage management.