Magento 2, WordPress, Bootstrap


Technical Lead & Magento Developer @ Pyxl

About the Project

Pyxl was tasked with revitalizing the browsing and shopping experience for users at giving them a modern, responsive website to interact with. In doing so we also moved the client into WordPress and Magento 2 for their CMS and eCommerce platforms and out of their antiquated custom system.

The Nitty Gritty

The focal point of this project is the quoting tool which drives all sales. I built this tool using the core Checkout experience as a reference, creating each step and element as a custom KnockoutJS component. The quoting tool ultimately creates a product using the values entered and adds it to the user’s cart.
We rebuilt the client’s proprietary pricing algorithm from the original .NET code into the Magento module, replacing all hard-coded values with values that can be managed in Magento.
We integrated Magento 2 with WordPress to provide more CMS flexibility for the marketing pages within the site.